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VINER was founded in 1947 in Pistoia, a small town approx 30 miles northwest of Florence, by Mr. Viviano Nerozzi. The brand name is a contraction of Viviano's first and second name VI-NER. During these early years VINER manufactured city bikes and in the 1950s, VINER introduced its first road racing bikes.

VINER took racing seriously and began sponsoring some amateur cycling teams helping the brand popularity to grow. The 1960s were the boom years for VINER, they began sponsoring Furzi-FT pro team and several pro cyclists such as Conti and Polidori who both used VINER bikes during Giro d'Italia. The company was able to successfully export their bikes, to both Europe, U.S. and Australia.

In 1978 VINER bikes were used by the Dutch winners of the 100 km Chrono at the World Championship. The company continued to expand an exciting product range and in the 1980s added mountain bikes to their catalogue. In the 1990s VINER became technical sponsor for infamous Italian pro teams such as Mapei, Navigare and Scrigno.

In 1994, at age 69, Viviano Nerozzi sadly passed away but 70 years later the company is as committed as ever to embracing technology to create world class bikes.

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We are known for our attention to detail and our innovative approach to design. Each and every product is painstakingly designed, tested, refined and engineered until we are 100% happy with the finished article.


Our approach to frame design is inspired by years of technical product development and influenced by the love and passion shared by all the staff at Viner.

We recognise our rich history and heritage and ensure nothing dilutes this culture.

The process starts with an idea to create something exceptional and brilliant. We then put pen to paper and start early drawings for construction and design ensuring the original brief is strictly followed.

We then select the materials and production techniques we want to use based on their already proven qualities. We only work with suppliers and engineers who operate to the same high standards as we do.

The next stage in the production process is sampling and testing. Each product may go through several test cycles and the product is refined with every iteration. This process continues until everyone at Viner is happy that we have achieved everything we set out to do.

We are full committed to ensuring our products are above reproach giving you the peace of mind to buy with confidence.


To ensure our hard work and dedication is never undermined, we only work with the best component manufacturers in the world.

We stand by our commitment to quality and only use tried and tested Shimano and SRAM groupsets components as part of our complete bike builds. We spec our bikes with various levels of equipment for different applications, including Di2 and ETAP electronic shifting and traditional wired kits.

Much of our finishing kit is supplied directly from the Italian brand Selcof Components. Selcof have a rich history of producing high-quality components and our close relationship with them enables us to grow with their products